Purple Dawn - Peace & Doom Session Vol. I!

Purple Dawn live in their studio!

Coming soon …

Purple Dawn - Peace & Doom Session Vol. I

As there are only a few concerts these days, Purple Dawn are giving us the opportunity to enjoy live music at home with their Peace & Doom Session Vol. I.

Utopia Union - Innenleben/Escapism EPs

East-frisian collective Utopia Union recorded two EPs over the last years which will be released on one tape soon...lean back and enjoy the beauty of these amazing post-rockesque soundscapes!

Earthbong - TIEF

"(...) Recorded with just the one microphone with no edits nor mixing, the 3 gargantuan dirges of stoned doom are as raw as can be without it falling into the realms of muddy noise, you can hear it all pretty damn fine. (...)"

No morw words needed for this! In case you want more words, read the full review here.