10,000 Years

Less than a year after their first release, the universally acclaimed selftitled EP, the swedish stonerdoomers in 10,000 Years are back with their first full length effort, aptly titled “II”.
Picking up right where the EP left off, “II” continues the story of the ill-fated Albatross-mission and its exploration of time and space through a skullcrushing mixture of stonerrock, doom- & sludge metal.
The album was recorded in the legendary Studio Sunlight with the equally legendary Tomas Skogsberg manning the controls.

"II" is out now! Get your copy of the forest edition tape in our shop!

Reviews on 10.000 Years "II":

More Fuzz: Review

"Why is this album worth listening to?

  • It is a glorious slab of kickass Stoner Sludge Metal that will break your neck!
  • 10,000 Years follow the footsteps of the best bands in this style and push it further…
  • II is a debut LP but sounds as mature as a fourth record, with lots of depth, complexity, and nuances."

Sleeping Village Reviews: Review

"(...) 10,000 Years have  shown me a new galaxy in an incredible piece of work. Full of soulful riffs, deep warm fuzzy tones, thick rhythm, and groove, II is fantastic. An instant heavy psych doom sludge piece of space art. 
I love it. I will be listening to this for years to come."

Cvlt Legion: Review

"(...) "II" is a quest that predates all that we know, and it'll never fail to take you to unfathomable locations. All aboard! Our masterwork is about to visit a civilization-less time!

Good! 8/10"

Cave Dweller Music: Review

"(...) Overall, this is one hell of a release and easily sits as one of my favourite fuzzy releases so far this year. Given what I heard on the EP I had very high expectations for the album, so I wasn't surprised in the slightest by how phenomenal of a release it turned out to be. "

The Sleeping Shaman: Review

"(...) 10,000 Years have managed to release some very high-quality musical output in a very short period of time. Not an easy task under any circumstances, but given the reputation of their home country as fertile ground for heavy music, and the obvious, inevitable comparisons to other Swedish heavy-hitters like Greenleaf/Dozer, Lowrider, and Graveyard, 10,000 Years have made a record that can stand toe-to-toe with any of them.  "