Purple Dawn

Riff hard – live easy! Purple Dawn are just gettin' started and they're doing it right! The band has been formed a few months before their Peace and Doom Session Vol. 1 was recorded but it shows a band that seems to play together for years already. They're offering a perfect blend of heavy rock and classic doom and they're playing it damn good! Check out the Peace and Doom Session Vol. 1 on Youtube.
Peace and Doom Session Vol. 1 is out on tape. 

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Reviews on Purple Dawn's Peace and Doom Session Vol. 1

Wolves In The Drone Doom: Review

"(...)  Whilst I really enjoyed the studio tracks, it was the live set that really endeared me to this album. The studio tracks definitely show that Purple Dawn have the ability to create catchy and memorable doom metal, and it also showed off a compositional style that is far more modern than the live set might give away. However, hearing a band play live with such enthusiasm and spirit in the face of adversity is a real joy, and at the end of this year there's nothing I want more than to feel the energy of a live show. If you're a doom fan in the same predicament, then Peace & Doom Volume 1 is a must listen."

The Obelisk: Review and track premiere

"(...)  hey are, on both sides, an engaging newcomer group obviously looking to show listeners what they’re all about. As you stream “Into the Shadowland” below ahead of the arrival of Peace & Doom Session Vol. 1, the vocals come through pretty prominently through my speakers, but that’s less the case on the studio version of “Atlantis,” so it might just be me. The band also offer more breadth in the instrumental “Verwunschen” between the two more straightforward cuts, so there’s very clearly even more to the story than this substantial initial offering is letting on."

Betreutes Proggen: Review

"(...) Peace & Doom Session Vol. 1 ist eine gelungene Darbietung von Purple Dawn. Der mächtige Doom der drei Kölner eignet sich gut zum gemächlichem Headbangen. Die B-Seite des (übrigens auf nur 50 Exemplare limitierten) Tapes stellt insbesondere das melodische Potenzial der Heavy Rocker unter Beweis."