Fungal Dimension Deconica / Phellinus tape

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 With "Deconica/Phellinus", Tommy Handschick presents his second solo album, opening up another Fungal Dimension of Drone and Noise. Due to the regulations and contact restrictions during the pandemic, the drummer known from bands like Kombynat Robotron and Earthbong pursued his passion and worked out further solo sound and noise experiments. Now two longplayers from his new trip will be presented, made up of spherical drone sounds and experimental soundscapes. On his new album "Deconica/Phellinus", Handschick installed a wide range of noises of different instruments and objects as well as fieldrecordings. Based on subtle long-form percussion drones, his sound effects create a noisy, ritual-meditative atmosphere, put the listener into a hypnotic trance, and take them on a deep sound trip.